With Admin Outtasking, Parsv shields you from the difficult task of lifecycle hardware, software, and network support. This allows you to achieve scalability for your hardware, software and network infrastructure. Also, it provides access to valuable troubleshooting skills in the event of a hardware or software problem.

  Parsv specializes in custom web application development and designs and develops custom web applications & Software applications to meet the specific requirements within your business/organisation.

  An excellently designed site is an asset for a company. Because it is what reflects the company's position and credibility. Web Site Design and Website Development incorporates not only what you can see but also many underlying features that you can't. These normally invisible elements are responsible for the performance and profile of every website.

  Take advantage of three primary levels of protection-physical, network and server level security. A dedicated team of security engineers manages these, along with the Parsv Update process.

  Managing large volumes of data is something that Parsv has been doing for many years. Your data is at the heart of your online enterprise and we treat it accordingly. With the installation of Storagetek's PowderHorn 9310, and our proprietary backup management and reporting system, Parsv can scale with your growth. Currently, Parsv reliably backs up over 10TB daily.

  Parsv Monitoring keeps a close watch on your managed platform to ensure the highest availability and performance. Engineers are on-site in the Parsv Network Operations Center (NOC) to respond to alarms, diagnose problems and escalate issues for fast, effective response.

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