Backup Services

Managing large volumes of data is something that Parsv has been doing for many years. Your data is at the heart of your online enterprise and we treat it accordingly. With the installation of Storagetek's PowderHorn 9310, and our proprietary backup management and reporting system, Parsv can scale with your growth. Currently, Parsv reliably backs up over 10TB daily.

   Parsv Outtasking Backup includes:

Full Weekly Backups : Parsv utilizes a secure back end network to backup data,so :that transaction processing performance is not impacted.

Daily Incremental: Daily backups are taken so that we may respond rapidly to your request for a restore, assuring minimal data loss.

Off-Site Storage: A duplicate copy of your data is kept safe within a security-certified off-site vault, ready to be retrieved in the event it is needed.

Long-term Storage : Parsv accommodates long term storage requests for regulatory or financial requirements.

Backup Activity View through Client Central: Ensuring successful backups is a challenging task. Parsv empowers you to easily validate that your data has been backed up.

Parsv Outtasking Backup can easily grow with your business into multi-terabyte (TB) levels, and charges are usage based, which means that you only pay for the amount of data you back up.


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