System Admin Services

With Admin Services, Parsv shields you from the difficult task of lifecycle hardware, software, and network support. This allows you to achieve scalability for your hardware, software and network infrastructure. Also, it provides access to valuable troubleshooting skills in the event of a hardware or software problem.

Parsv Admin services features:

Software Administration: Operating systems management-installation, configuration and testing as well as ongoing maintenance of operating system software.

Remote Administration: provides you with the administration privileges to let you retain the flexibility and control you need to run your business. This includes NT remote administration using PPTP and pcAnywhere, Windows 2000 remote administration using Terminal Services and UNIX remote administration using SSH services and Root Access.

You are free to focus on your e-Business strategy, knowing that the experts at Parsv have certified the performance of your platform, hardware and network components in a hosted environment.

Standard Plans
     Hire admin/hour
US$ 10.00
     15 hours/month
US$ 120.00
$ 30.00/month
     30 hours/month
US$ 190.00
$ 50.00/month
     75 hours/month
US$ 380.00
$ 95.00/month


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