Monitoring & Reporting Services


Parsv Monitoring Outtasking keeps a close watch on your managed paltform to ensure the highest availability and performance. Engineers are on-site in the Parsv Network Operations Center (NOC) to respond to alarms, diagnose problems and escalate issues for fast, effective response.

Parsv has a dedicated team of engineers whose sole purpose is to evaluate, test and implement monitoring tools into our managed hosting environment. The Parsv Monitoring Outtasking service utilizes an integrated suite of best-of-breed tools to monitor critical elements of your site including:

Network performance and availability

Server performance such as CPU, Disk space and memory utilization.

Critical processes and services on the operating system as well as URL and port monitors

Parsv provides comprehensive monitoring and early intervention to help ensure the continuous performance of your e-Business operations and to provide a high quality end-user experience for your customers and users.

As part of your essential platform services, Parsv Monitoring Outtasking gives you the benefits of:

Integrated Suite of best-of-breed tools for Global monitoring

Sophisticated correlation rules to quickly identify problem source

Double Check Monitoring with both remote and agent-based monitoring to trap all problems

10 years of experience developing procedures and technology to monitor and manage complex Web sites for our customer base

Parsv Reporting Outtasking empowers you with the information necessary to understand the effectiveness of your site design, along with server and network performance. Performance reports on all three layers allow you to check on critical performance elements of your managed servers such as CPU utilization, disk space availability and memory utilization. In order to make the information easily accessible, Parsv manages the infrastructure of the reporting tools and makes the reports accessible via your Web browser or Parsvs self-service portal, Client Central.


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