Quality process

Quality, without doubt, is the most important part of the development process. We have a dedicated & competent Software Quality Assurance team. The team is responsible for the quality of the applications used in the development process. Each application goes through the process of rigorous testing as per the developed checklists.

Once the project is well planned & documented, the quality assurance (QA) team prepares the test plans and the test cases. The Quality testing engineers execute these. The application goes through various types of tests like Validation test, functional test, performance test, load test, stress test, usability test and more. Once the bugs are removed, the developers fix the optimization issues and other quality concerns. The quality team again to make sure that every issue has been resolved tests the application. This type of testing is known as regression testing. Any reproduced issue is sent forth to the developers again for fixing. This process continues until all the issues are handled successfully.

To manage this cumbersome process, we have a comprehensive quality and bug management system in place. Bugs are tracked closely and the developers are answerable if any bug is reproduced.

The quality process does not merely end with the deployment of the application. Once the application is produced, the quality manager is responsible for generating report for each developer, for comparing the improvement, if any, with the previous project. Developers are answerable for repeated mistakes. All these measures, strictly followed, ensure an all-round continuous improvement.

The crux of the matter is that at Parsv Technologies. quality is a top priority


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