What is Offshore Outsourcing?
Outsourcing literally means, engaging the external sources. In the diverse & vast field of information technology, offshore outsourcing means engaging the IT services of any foreign country. In outsourcing, the buyer does not instruct the provider, usually, on how to perform the task, but instead, focuses on communicating the desired results. The process of achieving those desired results is left to the provider. In the present scenario of IT, all organizations, whether big or small, depend on outsourcing to stay competitive. This is quite advantageous as a wide range of options is available, in the form of experienced & reliable companies offering their services. It is easy and helps the organizations to focus more on their strategic interests. Thus, the mantra of staying competitive is not, ‘whether to outsource or not?' but instead, to make a logical, intelligent choice of outsourcing.

Why to Outsource?
Outsourcing helps a company to focus on its core business, more efficiently. This helps a company in re-engineering itself, deploying the available resources, concentrating on imparting higher technical & marketing skills to its workforce, and thereby, ensuring strengthening of the core processes of its business. The client is thus able to redesign, remodel the existing organizational structure & processes, thereby, reaping much higher benefits as regards cost & efficiency. Offshore Outsourcing also leads to quicker turnaround time & quality work at attractive prices.

The following are the advantages of Outsourcing:

Cost Reduction : - Outsourcing helps to reduce IT overheads, save on work force and training costs. Savings range between 50%-70 %.

Emphasis on core processes & strategic interests : - Organizations have realized the advantages of keeping their valuable resources free. This helps them re-engineer themselves, train their staff in latest skills, which will help them in facing the challenges posed by the market forces. All this safeguards their core strengths and strategic business interests in the long run. Offloading non-core IT functions to offshore development centre (ODC) results in better planning of core functions. Now, the activities focus on strategic thinking, process re-engineering and managing trading/partner relationship.

Access to specialized workforce : - Because of outsourcing to an offshore development centre (ODC), an organization gets the much-desired access to a specialized and experienced workforce. In addition, the provider's expertise in solving problems for a variety of clients with similar requirements proves to be an icing on the cake.

Decrease in Time lag : - Outsourcing can help an organization meet its deadline with ease, because the time lag comes down considerably. Now, an organization can deliver and market its products fast.

The technology chase ends : - Acquiring latest technologies is both very costly and time consuming and not every organization can afford them. Besides, training the staff in these new skills is very expensive and time consuming. Therefore, ODC's are the best bets, as they use their skilled workforce and technology for the benefit of customers. This helps in saving precious time and money and puts an end to the unnecessary technology chase for the clients.

India and Outsourcing

India is in the midst of an IT boom, and has over the last decade or so emerged as one of the prime destinations for Outsourcing. Thus, it is one of the prime choices, for outsourcing, for the international players. Products par excellence combined with prompt & on-time delivery has added to India 's reputation as a leading IT destination. Latest statistics reveal that 82% of US companies have voted for India as their top IT destination.

Because of the growing popularity of India as a software nation, many new Indian companies have forayed into the IT market. All this has helped India to gain a major chunk of the Outsourced jobs. The outsourcing countries are flexible enough to search the global market for a wide range of solutions. This healthy trend to outsource is likely to hit an even steeper upward curve in the coming time. Moreover, India will continue to have a major say in the field of IT, courtesy a technological, English speaking workforce.

Thus, briefly, the reasons for choosing India for Outsourcing are:

Abundance of talent: India has a highly talented, technologically advanced, English speaking workforce.
Booming economy: India ranks among the top ten industrialized nations in the world. Its GDP has increased manifold in the past one decade and maintains a healthy upward spiral.

IT Behemoth: The entire world recognizes India as a force to reckon with in the field of IT. Moreover, it will only gain in stature in the coming years.
Maximum government patronage : - Indian government has given a special status to the IT sector and this explains all the sops and privileges given to IT. The government is extending all possible support to the software exports and has made various provisions for that.
Low talent cost: Compared to the western countries, like the United Kingdom and the United States , the cost of hiring talented workforce is very low.

Parsv Technologies and Outsourcing
Parsv Technologies provides quality offshore development and consultancy services. We believe, thoroughly, in Innovation through Intelligence and partnership approach. We stand committed in our mission of providing our clients with the best possible solutions, while keeping their strategic business interests and the risks involved at the back of our mind.
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