Core Team of Parsv
Our corporate philosophy of employing highly skilled people with the drive to excel, and giving them the freedom to put their ideas into practice has helped us build a strong 25 members team of technical, marketing and support personnel who understand the realities of the market they serve and come up with innovative solutions

Our technical team of 20 highly skilled people is divided into product, implementation, engineering, quality assurance and testing teams. 100 % of the team members hold a masters degree in computer science or computer applications. More than 80 % of the team has been with us for at least 3 years.

Our sales and support teams are dynamic in their functioning, with a deep understanding of client requirements, resulting in speed on the field.

Providing support to our skilled team of software engineers and developers is the team of visualisers, web graphic designers, quality assurance analysts, document writers, network engineers, as well as a pool of managerial talent in the fields of finance, sales and marketing, administrative and personnel management. This combination of managerial, technical and creative talent provides us with a holistic set of skills that help us create highly evolved, customer-centric products.


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