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Please check the prerequisites prior to installing Parsv Control Panel, using the instructions below. Click Here to read System Requirements.

Configuration Steps:

--:Configure Parsv Panel User:--

Step 1 Add the user "parsvcp" to your server and add them to the Administrators Group.  If this is a domain controller, add them to the Domain Admins group as well.

--:IIS Management:--

Step 2 Download, You will find this file in your My Account, If you have not purchased this, then download from here
Step 3
Make a new folder to copy files of parsvcp (i.e. c:\parsvcp )
Step 4 Unzip the contents into the new folder you created in Step 3.
Step 5 Make a new site in IIS (i.e. with home directory as c:\parsvcp\www. You should choose any other port than 80 (eg. 9090 this port should not be blocked by firewall so that the panel can be used from outside of your firewall) and this site should works on all assigned IP address of the server. This way this panel can be access for all domains of that server (i.e. ).
Step 6 From IIS, go to properties of new panel site (i.e. and then open Tab "Directory Security"
Step 7 Click Edit Anonymous access and authentication control
Step 8 Check the checkbox for Enable Anonymous Access.
Step 9 Uncheck the checkbox for Integrated Windows Authentication.
Step 10 Change the User and Password using the Browse button and select the parsvcp account created in Step 1 and fill in the password you assigned it.
Step 11 Uncheck Allow IIS to control password checkbox. (pre IIS6)
Step 12 Make a new folder on your server and name it c:\domains. This is where the sites will be created using the control panel.
Step 13 Assign full permission to the folder (i.e. c:\domains) to the user created in Step 1. (i.e. parsvcp)
Step 14 Also give full permission to the user that is running the IIS service. (IISWPG_computername on windows 2003)
Step 15 Provide Full permission to system32 folder of the server to user created in Step 1 (i.e. parsvcp).

--:Database Settings:--

Step 16 Create a new database in your mySQL server and name it parsvcp. Assign it a username and password. (i.e. parsvcp).
Step 17 You will find the parsvcp.sql file in the root folder where you extracted the panel (i.e. c:\parsvcp). Execute this sql script against your newly created mySQL database (i.e. parsvcp).
Step 18 Edit the config.asp file in the www/inc folder. Change the values according to your database and MYODBC driver on your server. Change the databasename, databaseuser, databasepass, databaseserver if different.
Step 19 Edit the ftp.vbs, http.vbs, trafficusage.vbs files in the bin folder. Change them according to your database created in Step 16.

--:Server Variables:--

Step 20 Edit config.asp in inc folder. Every line is well explained. Please check those and manage entire path related settings in this file.

--:Web stats settings:--

Step 21 To generate webstats (webalizer and awstats) you need to setup a scheduled task the command must be as follows (where c:\parsvcp must be replaced with the original path of parsvcp installation) c:\parsvcp\bin\stats.bat
Step 22 Awstats 6.4 is packed with parsvcp panel. If you want to use awstatas then Perl must be installed on your server and must be enabled on your websites.
In windows 2003 It is require to set "ALLOW" under webservice extentions in IIS MMC for perl ISAPI and CGI. these webstats can be accessed as http://domainname.tld/webstat
Step 24 We have configured GeoIP plugin for perl. Awstats use this plugin to map country name from IP. You can install this plugin as describe on maxmind's site. If you dont want to install then you need to disable this support from awstats conf file in stattemplate folder.

--:DNS Server support:--

For DNS server support, MS DNS server must be installed on same machine with WMI DNS Provider. WMI DNS provider comes with windows 2003 but it must be installed separately on windows 2000. We have packed necessary files in "dns provider for win2000" folder. You can install these on windows 2000 as follows. Please do not install these on windows 2003.

To install the dns provider on windows 2000,
Step 25 Copy dnsschema.mof and dnsprov.dll to <winntdir>\system32\wbem.
Step 26 Open command prompt and change directory to <winntdir>\system32\wbem
Step 27 Run "mofcomp dnsschema.mof" to register the class information.
Step 28 Run "regsvr32 dnsprov.dll" to register the dll.

--:Register Parsv Control Panel Dll:--

Finally you have to register dll files. To register the dlls:
Step 29 Add c:\parsvcp\bin folder to System Path.
Step 30 Open command prompt.
Step 31 Run "regsvr32 "c:\parsvcp\bin\PARSVPANEL.dll" to register the dll.
Step 32 Run "regsvr32 "c:\parsvcp\bin\LogParser.dll" to register the dll.

--:Traffic Report:--

The Parsvcp give support for calculating two types of traffic(HTTP and FTP). Also it inform the Admin by sending mail to the admin and the reseller whenever the any admin or reselller crosses its traffic limit.

Step 33 For all this you have to make schedular to run the file (traffic.bat, trafficusage.bat) in the c:\parsvcp\bin folder which should run daily to calculate the traffic.
Step 34 For ftp traffic, it is required to enable some log fields (Bytes sent (sc-bytes) and Bytes Received(cs-bytes) and User name (cs-username) ) and log mode must be daily. These can be set from IIS Manager.

Thanks for using Parsv Windows Web Hosting Control Panel !!
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